Costa Rica

The Sustainability Experience takes participants on a 13 day long journey across Costa Rica, to understand how this Central American country approaches sustainability from an environmental, economic and societal point of view. This immersive experience allows participants to gain an understanding of how to be sustainable in their professional life, apart from their personal life.

hotel building in nature costa rica

Hotel Finca Rosa Blanca, a sustainable hotel

Image on top – A three toed sloth in the jungles of Costa Rica







What Is The Sustainability Experience?

With the rising effects of global warming and climate change, the importance of being sustainable is increasing by the second. Just being sustainable in one’s personal life is not enough. One has to approach their work in a sustainable manner too. The Sustainability Experience takes the participant on a 13 day curated journey across Costa Rica, to understand the way this country is pioneering efforts to be more green, and how new and existing businesses are adapting to include sustainability in their business model, and still be profitable. The participant also gets to understand how the government is forming green policies and how the citizens and companies are embracing them.

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How Much Does It Cost?

INR 350,000

The prices are ex-India. To know more on the pricing from your country, please reach out to us through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

What does the cost include?

Upcoming batches

Domain Expert Guidance

Course Material



local & airport transfers

breakfast & dinner


entry fees


  • Students, entrepreneurs, young professionals in companies, teams from corporates with green initiatives (in and outside India)
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to be more green in their personal and professional life

Yes! This Experience will take up to 20 participants. These participants will be split into smaller teams to execute projects which are designed to give them an understanding of how businesses (small and big) can be sustainable.

‘The Sustainability Experience’ is designed to give the participants a deeper understanding of sustainability. This goes beyond switching off lights when leaving the room, and taking shorter showers. To aid this thinking, the project will be on the lines of Social responsibility and sustainability for business.

This Experience will focus on giving you an understanding of how to approach your professional and personal life in a more sustainable manner. This will include tenets of circular economy, fair trade businesses, how green policies are formed and implemented, how NGOs work, and how corporates include sustainability in their business models.

This knowledge is aimed at making you future ready, so you can be the person leading the change in your ecosystem, and working towards a better planet.

Yes! From a logistics point of view, this price includes the cost of accommodation, flights, visas, breakfast and dinner, local and airport transfers, and entry fees where applicable.

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